Admitad will pay $300 000 to the employees whose relatives lost the job due to the crisis.

The worldwide affiliate network Admitad is launching the support program for the employees’ family members. The staff, whose parents or spouses were left with no income due to the quarantine and COVID-19 crisis, can apply to the company social fund for the compensation of $1000 each.

The launch of this social support fund at Admitad was the reaction to one of the surveys arranged on regular basis. The “pulse”-questionnaire regarding the psychological state and general comfort during the remote working mode showed the rise of the stress level in April 2020 (as compared to March 2020). Soon afterwards the reasons behind it got clear: around 20% of the staff confirmed that their close-ones lost their jobs because of the crisis and the family had to deal with all this uncertainty and stress.

“During such an uneasy time we decided not only to keep the salary level for all the employees, but also to care about their psychological health. It is hardly possible to concentrate on work when your family members are faced with challenges, including the financial ones. That is why we took a very important step further to create this fund. We greatly value the human resources we have and are inclined to think that such a small contribution will help the employees deal with this crisis and overcome that successfully” — commented the CEO and Founder of Admitad Alexander Bachmann.

The social program will be applicable for all the Admitad offices around the globe and stay active for the period from May,1 till August,1, 2020.

The worldwide affiliate network Admitad encourages every other company to join such social initiatives or create their own to support the staff and their families while fighting with this crisis. We are strong together!

#stayhome #staysafe


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