Back to school. Earning money on school items programs

Why Back to school offers matter

Top categories

  1. Electronics
  2. Clothing
  3. Shoes
  4. Apartment/dorm furnishing
  5. Writing materials

What drives traffic?

Which platforms to choose?

Tips to attract more audience

  • Sell through content
  • Ask your consumers what they need, and they will tell you. Carry out surveys, prompt users to share their opinion, read comments and reviews on your rivals’ websites.
  • Invoke video reviews, advertising campaigns with dances and songs, stories, lives — use anything you like.
  • Come up with original slogans. Your allies will be psychological triggers and a good understanding of what your audience needs and what can stimulate customers to buy.
  • Regardless of the format you handle, make use of storytelling, a format that may be highly effective and versatile.

A few more insights

  • Numbers tell us that when fathers are in charge of shopping, they are ready to spend at least 10% more than needed on their child’s needs.
  • Not only do schoolchildren get back to their desks, but also students. In this context, you need to work on targeting settings and the assortment.
  • Teachers and professors are also preparing for the academic year. For them, you can create a dedicated advertising campaign comprising industry-specific tips and items.
  • You’d better concentrate on more specific targeting options, depending on your audience’s needs. Segmenting is key.



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