Black Friday & Cyber Week: Trends & Insights

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4 min readNov 27, 2020

Hey everyone!
Black Friday is the main event of the best selling season of the year, also known as the sales season, the holiday season or simply Q4.

How long do Black Friday sales last?
This year, Black Friday lands officially on November 27.
However, the sale starts early and lasts the entire week, culminating with Cyber Monday. Check out the best deals here.
And don’t forget we’ll be updating this list daily, so bookmark this page and keep checking back.

To start with, let’s refresh our memory about some interesting insights from the Black Friday sales period in 2019:

  • more than $303K earned by all US publishers
  • over $47 700 earned by all US publishers in one day of sales
  • 30% revenue growth in sales day vs. regular day
  • $67 800 + made by one US publisher
  • $7 800 + earned by one webmaster via Admitad Extension

Demand rate was exponentially increasing. In 2019 the conversion rate for November 29th increased by 4 times. So, every 8th click on the product page turned into a purchase.

Top Items To Sell On Black Friday
Black Friday often witnesses a massive spike in certain sectors.

Top selling product categories across Admitad USA include pharmacy, sport goods and food delivery. Customers are highly concerned about their health and well-being especially due to the world pandemic. The growing demand for food delivery is another expected trend due to its convenience and safety reasons. Conversely, Chinese products attract less consumers with a slight increase in 10%. As for online services, people tend to spend more time on hobbies & entertainment in social distancing to get distracted from their work or studies.

When considering which publisher type results in the highest average basket value, coupons reinforce their reputation as one of the most important affiliate categories, pulling in almost $120 per sale. Among other most appealing traffic types are context advertising and cashback. The consumers who are attracted by them have the highest average checks.

Black Friday period is a wonderful opportunity for you to test your skills and to make some nice money even if you are a rookie or an affiliate marketing veteran.

Tips for Affiliates on How to Prepare for Black Friday​

Since Black Friday is an opportunity that only comes around once a year, affiliates should consider investing in effective marketing strategies and processes to make the most of it. Here are some tricks that will help you increase your income significantly.

  • Plan ahead. You should execute campaigns to acquire new users during the pre-critical trading period as early as possible, to ensure you have a large amount of visitors or member numbers to offer to advertisers. The sooner you begin planning, the more effective your strategy and performance could be.
  • Carry out research.Prior to rolling out a new marketing plan, you should take into account the analytics and insights they have from last Black Friday. Statistics give affiliates a bigger picture of your performance along with greater insight into competitor performance.
  • Save your time. During sales you shouldn’t waste any minute. Test new categories and goods fast with Admitad Extension. It creates partner deep links instantly on goods pages. This will speed up your tests when time is priceless. By the way, $7 800 + earned by one webmaster on Black Friday’19 via the Extension.
  • Identify popular offers. When finalising the product promotions list, affiliates should ensure they have carefully selected the best deals and promotions from advertisers available to promote. Affiliates should keep in mind that some offers may only go live for a brief period, so affiliates should continuously monitor their options to maximise their potential sales revenue.
  • Also, if you work with coupons, you can use the tool «Coupons & promo codes» to download Black Friday programs in Excel format.
  • Use other Admitad tools. For instance, you can generate links in no time with Admitad Bot in Telegram. It is available on all devices. $1 700 + earned by one webmaster on sales day with Telegram Bot.

We hope the insights we shared will skyrocket your profits. Good luck!



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