Black Friday — preparing for peak sales success

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2 min readNov 26, 2021

Black Friday is TODAY! Time flies fast, though that’s still more than enough time to take advantage of our fantastic Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

The stretch between November 26 and November 29, which accounts for the main discounts, is still extremely famous for the buying activity and profitability for affiliates.

We’re here to give you a leg up with a Black Friday checklist of 3 practical pointers to help you prepare for the BFCM 2021 shopping season. Let’s go!

Here are some simple guidelines for brand marketers and affiliate marketers alike:

Try new channels and categories

Begin by reviewing your data from previous years as well as current trends.

Use this information to predict which items will be popular among BFCM shoppers in 2021. Even if your audience is not directly related to these topics, during the general sales period you can also earn more by taking advantage of user interest.

You can also check out our data-driven post to learn more about the revenue, sales, and consumer behavior data that defined the busiest weekend in eCommerce history last year.

Offer more

For millions of people it’s a pain to have to think of a suitable gift, that’s why a webpage with a list of suggestions will definitely come in handy. Look at your offers and see if you can put together some gifts to recommend. For example, during the sales period, ready-made baskets of goods that can be bought with a single click are an easy sell. For affiliates, this is a great chance to come up with creative mechanics and offer such to key advertisers.

Think ahead

Don’t forget, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big days for affiliate marketing, but they also can be seen as a warm-up before Christmas and New Year shopping. Some companies run extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which run for as long as a week after the actual date. And then it comes time for Christmas and New Years’ sales.

According to Admitad Affiliate estimates, the sales period this year will be even more successful than in 2020, as the total volume of online purchases in the United States has already grown by more than 10% year-on-year.

Just make sure you’ve done your research, you’ve tested your campaigns, you’ve prepped your creatives and landing pages… and you will be ready to rock!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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