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2 min readFeb 10, 2022

Express payments in the Admitad Affiliate network are available without any commissions from February 1, 2022. Webmasters can now withdraw their earnings any day of the week for free.

We understand that the fast access to working capital allows webmasters (especially those who work with paid traffic) to generate more advertising promos and increase their income as a result. That’s why we’ve eliminated the express payout commission so that you can earn more with us.

What was it like before?

The only day of standard payments in the Admitad Affiliate network was Thursday. However, not all webmasters wanted to wait for a week to receive their earnings. The solution was Express Payouts — a tool to withdraw money within one day with 3.6% commission.

How has it changed?

Since February 1, the commission for express payments has been canceled. Now you can get money any day for free.

Read more about express payments on the Help Center page.

Besides, you can increase the turnover of your funds with another Admitad Affiliate tool, Instant Payout. It allows you to switch from “pending payment from advertiser” to “ready to withdraw” status within 24 hours. Since January 25, Instant Payout is available in auto-transfer mode. Webmasters no longer need to create an application manually — rewards will move to “Ready for withdrawal” status automatically. Moreover, auto-transfer saves not only time and effort but also money — the commission for Instant Payout automatic mode is reduced from 7% to 5%. We wrote about the update of this tool here.

Using both tools, Instant Payout and express payments, webmasters can get money for actions confirmed by the advertiser in no more than 48 hours.

How Instant Payout works is explained in detail on the Help Center page.

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