How to help employees during a crisis and not only: $ 200,000 fund and pulse surveys

Support fund and its evolution

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Education and entertainment

  • This summer Admitad had a collaboration with Nike. We realized that we would not be able to return to the office in the fall due to the pandemic. So, we started contests and flash mobs on the company’s Instagram page to maintain the corporate spirit and unity with the team. For example, we organized a 2-week running challenge Nike X Admitad. 100 employees from Admitad offices all around the world joined the race. In the first 3 days, we covered 1087 km, which is the same as the distance from Moscow to Helsinki. The employees who have run the most got presents from Nike;
  • At the end of April, we had an eco-week timed to Earth Day, on April 22. We had swap events: exchange of clothes, plants, and other eco-friendly ventures. One could also donate things to charity. Our employees could also take part in a marathon of good habits. We understand that their lives do not end at the office, and we want to support them in their healthy lifestyle;
  • Employees can join a Speakers club to develop improvisation skills, prepare presentations, and conduct public speeches. Classes were held every week for two hours with an experienced guest moderator. They helped future speakers to cope with stage fright, improve their self-presentation skills, and rehearse future speeches;
  • We help employees improve languages ​​together with an online English school. Admitad pays half of the cost of classes to make them more accessible.



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