How to monetize on Telegram

  • Before buying ads in other channels, make yours active by generating content. People are more likely to subscribe if you already have active followers and regularly updated content.
  • Investigate your competitors and see their statistics. You can use the free service Tgstat. You can find out how fast the channel grows, where it is promoted, and what its engagement rate is. These data can help you to choose a channel for promotion. Bear in mind that the service shows the statistics of the channels connected to it.
  • When you buy an advertisement, consider that the number of views is summed up from the views of all the new posts. If you want to calculate a more accurate number, take a look at the number of people who have seen the last post before a new one appears.
  • In your channel pin a post with a navigation plan and a crucial message. This will help new followers not to get lost.
  • Use tools to make your work simpler. For example, ControllerBot helps to make a post at a particular time, add photos, reactions, keyboard, and comments. TGStatBot tracks statistics. Admitad Bot generates affiliate links right in the messenger. You can find out more information about it in our article or in our video.



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Admitad Affiliate North America

Admitad Affiliate North America

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