What Can You Gain From Cross-Device Tracking?

Potential threat

Now that smartphones, tablets, and PC’s can all be used to purchase anything, users move freely and switch between gadgets on the go. User journey is no longer transparent. But does it have to be this way? It does not. Multiple publishers have already adopted solutions that compensate for potential losses in data and money.

Beyond hardware

The old-timer trick to discover customer journey was scanning cookies — browser files that contain data about what websites the user visited lately. This method also helped to find out what users look for in search engines, revealing behavioural patterns unique for specific users. However, now that third-party cookies have been either blocked or prohibited, marketers need new solutions to cover up for the lost accuracy. That is where cross-device tracking comes in to provide accurate data.

A glimmer of hope

The world’s largest affiliate networks have been using cross-device tracking for a few years by now and had all the time to develop a balanced product for any advertiser. At Admitad, the TagTag tracking tool was presented in 2018. When integrated with the advertisers’ website, it gets past the affiliate link blockers. antiviruses and other utilities traditionally used to obstruct tracking customers’ orders.

But are you ready to embrace it?

Better tracking sounds great, but is there a catch? Sure is! It does not come as a free DLC — rather as a regular payment for more tracked actions. Even for paid orders that advertisers deemed unattributed or lost. So, many businesses are facing a simple choice — relying on outdated solutions (which imposes a risk of losing publishers) — or eventually paying for freshly tracked orders.



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